Collaboration with Michelle Outram

"The focus of my collaboration with Manuel Vason is making performances for camera - both still and moving images.  Roles in this process are fluid and the process is robust and honest. Despite different approaches, shared interests with Manuel drive a deep connection, and a challenge to work fast and trust in my own depth as an artist. Through working with Manuel, I have learned that the essence of my work is present, whether it is created in a fast and furious way between the camera, myself and Manuel's eye, or over a longer period of reflection, practice and performance."
Shot and performed: Manuel Vason & Michelle Outram Edited: Michelle Outram Sound: Michelle Outram Shot on location Dartmoor, 2010. Premiere: Galatina, Salento 2012 Thank you Ruben Pracas, Tonino Baldari, Leila Carlyle, Marnie Orr & Rachel Sweeney
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