Artist Statement




I consider my art practice a photographic dialogue with others. 

While one of the recurrent narrative focuses on the limits of my photographs – their fictitious objectivity, their superficiality and the partiality of my chosen frame – each exchange with others has provoked and expanded my vision. 

My natural attraction toward the unconventional has led me to encounter, fall in love and photograph hundreds of artists practicing performance art. 

Contaminated and invigorated by so many different perspectives, I sensed the necessity to develop an inward dialogue with an alter-ego, which I called The PhotoPerformer. 

Experiencing photography through the lens of performance art has forced me to explore new modes of engagement and interaction with  other subjects, my imagination and the environment by altering power dynamics and counteracting the distance the art form institutes to focus sharply its subject.  

In my opinion, photography not only offers the opportunity  to expose us to valuable philosophical reflections but also provides us with a technology through which we can diversify the way we see and experience others.


Manuel Vason 2020