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Unframing Photography

In full excitement, I’m delighted to announce that Unframing Photography has been awarded a project grant from the Art Council of England. Six year after the birth of the PhotoPerfomer, Unframing Photography marks the beginning of a new investigation that targets Photography, its power, its influence and possibly its future.

The project starts by gathering together a group of experienced photographers based in Folkestone. ‘We’ photographers that we are used to compete, to hold secretly our skills and praise our craft… this time, ‘we’ are encouraged to exchange and point our cameras towards the problems that surround this powerful medium.

On this first step of the project I invite photography’s makers, thinkers and users to fill in this application form before the 10th of May (deadline extended).

Click Here!

Unframing Photography wants to provoke a series of discussions on the issues of photography and with the support of selected contributors transform the collected material into a campaign of awareness.

If you are not interested in participating but you are intrigued by the proposition please help us by sharing the open call.

Performance Research Cover

I’m very please to see the image I created with Marco Donnarumma two years ago on the cover of Performance Research ‘On Hybridity’.

Marco Donnarumma in *Eingeweide* 

Not only the title of the journal manifests my attraction for the in-between but the particular work the image relates to titled *Eingeweide* is, in my view, a fantastic research on the creative failures of technology.

I wanted to thank Frank Camillieri who edited the journal and the selected the image.

Here few link to access to the content:

‘On Hybridity’ can be accessed here:
The editorial is open access here:…/13528165.2020.1842022….
UM access to the entire issue:…/25/4…

Photography and Performance In eX change

I’m pleased to announce that on the 25th of September I will be presenting new work alongside a selection of already exhibited ones.

The new display will also mark an opportunity to visit Studio Radar in its new look and capacities.

During the last few years, I went through a lot of changes (moving to Folkestone, Tian, the PhD, the pandemic…) and I can not tell you how important has been to reconnect with my practice and recognise the development of a new perspective (hopefully enriched by all these recent life-changing experiences).

The ‘Photography and Performance In eX Change’ exhibition will be part of the Last Fridays Folkestone events.

Studio Radar @ Digital:Glassworks, Mill Bay, CT20 1JG, Folkestone.

Intellect Live Art

Intellect will be celebrating Intellect Live Art Week between 14 – 20 September 2020.

Intellect Live Art Week is a celebration of Live Art Books and Intellect Live Book Series and will be hosting exciting interviews and offering exclusive discounts on the full collection.

Double Exposures will be one of the publications on which you could have a 30% discount.

Canary Island art residency

Between December and January 2020 Rubiane, Tian and myself have spent incredible time in the fabulous Island of Canary. The art residency was initially organised by Osa Polar Espacio Creativo with the support of Atlas association in Las Palmas. We ended up in an incredible spot called Tasartico in the middle of National park in Canary Island.

During the residency I discover a new concept that right now is still making pulsating which I called ‘Intersubjective Photography’.

How can I share my photography decisions with the elements around me?

Photography is such an individualistic practice, pictured in most scenarios as the man and the camera, exploring, searching, discovering.

What about if the camera itself function as an antenna focused to capture multiple signals and transform them into photographic actions?

What about if I was taking a picture responding to the instructions given by a rock or a plant or a bird?

The contact with such a powerful nature in an incredible beautiful island has allowed me to raise new question and to address a direction of experimentation.

Can photography, practiced in a more experimented way can really allow me to expand my vision? To see deeper and more intensely?

From Belgians to Brexit


This project is a great opportunity to celebrate Folkestone as a WELCOMING town in which diversity is honoured and Brexit is clearly opposed.

To celebrate one of Folkestone’s favourite paintings, gifted to the town in 1916, Folkestone Fringe
and artist Manuel Vason invite you to be part of a photographic recreation at Folkestone Harbour Arm.
We want to bring together a rich and varied mix of people in Folkestone today, so why not come along with your family and friends and celebrate Folkestone, this beautiful painting and the people who live here now.

‘The Landing of the Belgian Refugees’ is on display in the town museum and commemorates the months in 1914 when more than 100,000 Belgians arrived in Folkestone fleeing WW1. They were welcomed with such kindness that King Albert of Belgium said ‘Folkestone had earned the admiration not only of the Belgians, but also of the whole world: yes, the whole civilised world knew how the town of Folkestone had received them with such cordiality which would never be forgotten’.

The Belgian refugees crossed the Channel in any boat they could find. On just one day in October 1914, some16,000 people of all ages arrived at Folkestone Harbour. The painting is by an Italian artist, Fredo Franzoni, who himself came to our town as a refugee in one of the boats from Belgium.

In these times of change, with Europe always visible from our doorstep, join us to re-imagine this 100-year-oldpainting for future generations.

Event Details

When: 27 October 2019
Time: Arrive by 1.00pm, photograph to be taken at 1.30pm
Where: Folkestone Harbour Arm Entrance (old ferry landing point)
What to wear: It’s up to you. In the painting people are wearing a mixture of ceremonial robes and work uniforms and normal clothes, or they’re dressed for a long, cold Channel crossing or smartly to welcome visitors. Come as you’d like.

If you would like to find out more please visit

Fierce Festival 2019

I’m so looking forward to this year edition of Fierce Festival and its so so promising program. I’m thrilled to have been asked again to document the festival and work alongside so many incredible artists and friends.

Fierce 2017

In Between Time – SUMMIT

I’m very honoured to be asked to be the photographer in residence of this year IBT – SUMMIT project (8th – 13th of October 2019). I will be collaborating with 14 artists selected to participate at Creative Exchange Lab as part of the Live Art Uk Diverse Actions program. We will show the result of our work on Sunday the 13th of October in an amazing location Ashton Court Estate.

‘SIGNALS’ – Exhibition @ Glassworks, Folkestone [2019]

SIGNALS – Manuel Vason & Rubiane Maia, Caparao 2015

Folkestone 01/09/2019

In a contemporary society characterised by exasperated individualism, in which economy and finance have replaced politic and ethic, we feel the urgency to send out and receive SIGNALS.

SIGNALS is the title of Manuel Vason and Rubiane Maia first exhibition held at Studio Radar, a new space of contact and correspondence between our different art practices and a hub of connection and exchange with other artists, collaborators and active viewers.   

Our intention is to SIGNALS out our desire for change and SIGNALS in new stimuli and ideas for the transformation of our daily life.

While Manuel Vason is looking at photography as an apparatus for change and transformation through his alter-ego (The PhotoPerformer), Rubiane Maia is focusing on different ways to incorporate ancestral memories using performance, video and collages.

Through SIGNALS we’re starting a process of personal and collective sensitization.

Rubiane Maia and Manuel Vason 

Here some documentation images of the exhibition:

The International Performing Art Giswil

I’m really looking forward to take part at the upcoming International Performing Art Festival in Giswil (Switzerland). On this year edition of Festival there is a real emphasis on documentation and the discussion around it and I’m happy to be invited alongside another DARC member Ernst Fischer to input with our experience.