Intimate Collaborations – Installation

MANUELE_VASON_PREASE_RELEASE_ENG.indd   SOLYANKA STATE GALLERY THE 6TH MOSCOW BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART. SPECIAL PROJECTS 20 september – 1 november 20 september– press view 28 september – press view: performances’ documentation MANUEL VASON: INTIMATE COLLABORATIONS. THE BARE BODY OF PERFORMANCE IN UK AND IN RUSSIA Intimate Collaborations explores the ‘intimate’ relationship between performance and photography, the action and the image. The Exhibition invites the viewer to an ‘intimate’ encounter with Manuel Vason’s artistic practice, with new work specifically commissioned for this exhibition. In Vason’s collaborations with other artists, a performance work is either restaged anew or uniquely developed, specifically for his camera. These projects differ in principle from conventional documentation of performance in that Vason is always the sole witness to the singular live event, which also takes place in a non-theatrical space of the artists’ choosing. In Intimate Collaborations the photographic image intends to become an intimate space of encounter between the viewer and the artists practice. Each collaboration is predicated on a series of mutual concerns: a challenge to the relationship between performance and the photographic document; a fascination with the body; and the exploration of new forms of collaborative practice.
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