Becoming an Image with Cassils at Wiener Festwochen

I’m very happy to be performing with Cassils again the Becoming an Image piece… a live piece that will accompany the artist/collaborator life and manifest the various stages.


Dates: Fri, 15. June , 22:00

Location: Gösserhallen, Halle 4
Laxenburger Straße 2B, 1100 Wien

here some info:

Performance icon Cassils gained international recognition with their use of their own body as artistic material and by continually modifying it. The Huffington Post listed Cassils as »one of ten transgender artists who are changing the landscape of contemporary art.« In their performances, to be understood as a visual critique of ideologies, Cassils’s body, which is constantly transformed by strict physical training regimes, is the protagonist in the contemplation of a history of violence, representation, struggle and survival.

Becoming an Image takes us into a world of absolute darkness where performance, photography and sculpture meet. During the course of about twenty minutes, Cassils unleashes an attack on a 1000 kg clay block with full force, thus making the audience a witness of an act of violence. Delivering a series of kicks and blows in total darkness, the spectacle is illuminated only by the flash of a photographer, burning the image into the viewer’s retina. The result is a series of live photographs that allow the senseless acts of violence against transsexual and queer bodies to be viewed as if through the lens of history.

Symposium: O.U.T (Once. Upon. Time) Performative strategies and the interplay between action and image.

I’m looking forward to present the PhotoPerformer during the upcoming Symposium. I will be talking along side a very interesting group of artists and art critics all captivated by the complex relationship between performance and photography.

The event will take place at the James Hockey Gallery  ( UCA Farnham ) from 10.00 till 5.00 pm.

The project is part of BookRoom 


Temporary Monument, Permanent Protest

I’m very happy to have been commissioned a new photographic intervention commemorating the 30th anniversary of the protests against Section 28.


In 1988, the UK government introduced Section 28, legislation that stated that councils should not ‘intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality’ in its schools or other areas of their work.

Over 20,000 people marched in protest against the legislation on 20 February 1988 in Manchester: the city’s largest ever peaceful protest at that time.

Click here for more info:

Queer Contact ’18: Temporary Monument, Permanent Protest


Attend an initial workshop with the organisers to explore ideas for the images, and discuss connections to the march and the issues surrounding the struggle for LGBTQ+ people’s rights in the 30 years since the protests.

Either: Sat 10th February 2018 (2pm-5pm, Longsight Library, 519 Stockport Road, M12 4NE)

Or: Sat 17th February 2018 (2pm-5pm, Manchester International Festival, Blackfriars House, M3 2JA)

Then attend the public photoshoot of the images in Manchester City Centre.


The photographs will then be presented at a public event in May 2018, alongside performances, poetry and music celebrating the protest and its legacy.


Please email [email protected] if you’d like to take part, or for more information.

Please note: this opportunity is unpaid but we aim to provide food and refreshments at all the session days.

Be Right Back exhibition and Performance


I’m very please to announce a new group exhibition happening in the studio in Rhoda Street.

Few months ago I was approached by Tete de Alencar, with whom I did my master at Central Saint Martins, about the ideas of using the space for a group show. The idea was quickly transformed into a project, and in collaboration with an exciting group of artists, we are now ready to share it with an audience.

Fo the exhibition I decided to continue my recent investigation of The PhotoPerformer and present a new live performance.

Looking forward to see you on Friday evening!


All Inked Up Artist Book Fair

As part of the All Inked Up Artist Book Fair, myself, Rubiane Maia and artist Ernst Fischer will be presenting a selection of our books at the Creative Foundation stand.



M.A.P. (Movement x Archive x Performance)

I’m delighted to have been asked to contribute to MAP 3: Archiving ‘Asia’ event at the Live Art Development Agency along side DARC colleague Jemima and Tara to question the role of Documentation.

4 November, Saturday, 12pm – 7pm: Dr Eva Bentcheva (Batubalani), DARC (Tara Fatehi Irani, Manuel Vason, Jemima Yong), Melanie Keen (Iniva), Lois Keidan (LADA), Dr Ray Langenbach (University of the Arts, Helsinki), Hammad Nasar, Raju Rage, Erika Tan (with Whiskey Chow, Jess Heritage and Michael Taiwo), Sung Tieu, Loo Zihan.


Here some info on the event:

A two-day event curated by Something Human to launch a new special collection of Southeast Asian performance materials and a newly commissioned Study Room Guide. These will be made accessible at the Live Art Development Agency in London for researchers, artists, students and academics.

On 3 and 4 November, the launch event of the Southeast Asian performance collection will feature a programme of performative interventions, workshops, presentations and panels to explore the themes and issues that are connected with building this new archive and its relationship with its contributors within the context of London.

From 2014 to 2016 Something Human curated three editions of CCLAP (Cross-Cultural Live Art Project), a programme of outdoor and indoor performances, artist residencies, presentations, performative lectures and panels with the aim of instigating the sharing of the developments and critical reflections of significant and diverse live art practices in Southeast Asia and the UK, to connect the critical contexts of Southeast Asian live art practice with that in the UK/Europe.

The project of building an archive out of the CCLAP experience began with the realization of the lacunae of information and materials about Southeast Asian live art practices here in the UK, and raised a series of questions: what are the ethical and legal considerations with regards to the gathering of such materials from artists from and working in Southeast Asia? How do we maintain the non-linear, fragmented and open nature of an archive, contaminating and contesting its very existence, bearing in mind, such an archive of practices, experiences, stories are from artists who work within the blurred and contested borders of Southeast Asia?

Building an archive can be an act of resistance, of care, and of creating the possibility of a polyphonic narrative through a range of diverse resources. If building an archive is something that cannot be described in its totality and that emerges only in fragments of perspectives, M.A.P. (Movement x Archive x Performance) is a platform to initiate these critical discussions and instigate further research.


New gallery/studio space in Folkestone

Dear Friends in Folkestone and close by, please come along on Sunday for the opening of our new space, a joint adventure between my wife, myself and Ernst Fischer.

We will show a small selection of work but it would be a great opportunity to present our practice to the local community and start planning future projects and collaborations.


Performance Documentation workshop – Wake Festival Folkestone

Getting ready to a new workshop experience as part of Wake Festival in Folkestone.

We open call for a group of participants interested to discuss the complex relationship between Photography and Performance Art and exercise new ideas.

To apply please send: A short letter of motivation, artist’s bio/statement & weblink. To: [email protected]

Participants will be provided with a bursary of £300, food, travel and assistance with accommodation if necessary.

Workshop dates: 1st – 5th September
Wake Festival dates: 8th – 10th September

Deadline for applications: 4th August
Applicants notified: 7th August


About the workshop:

Title: Looking at Documentation from the lens of Performance Art.

This workshop is matured as a natural development of my art practice. Since 1999 I have been collaborating with more than 200 performance artists internationally.

Each collaborations was different but in every single one the objective was to transform a symbolic action into a significant image.

During these years I have developed a methodology of working based on dialogue, exchange, intention, attention, exercises and process.

By questioning the reductive activity of photography (framing and choosing) we will reconsider documentation as a creative action of emotional proximity with the subject.

By confronting the authoritative fixity of the photographic evidence we will open up the medium so to welcome new valid and necessary perspectives such as the ‘provisional’ or the ‘precarious’.

Basically, we will try to embody documentation as an exercise to sync with our subject and solution the inevitable distance.

– Manuel Vason

Becoming an Image workshop – Reboot – Chisenhale Dance Space

Precarious-PhotographIt has been great to work with a group of participants put together by Clod Ensemble as part as their Reboot program.

The group was mainly composed by movers and choreographers and I felt a real interested on questioning the image (mainly the photographic image) and its role in our society.

During the various presentation I noticed a real connection between the action and the sound or better the rhythm.

While I used my practice as a vehicle to create some exercises to be experience in group, we all ended up united in the search for the ‘Precarious Image’.

_V0A5419 _V0A5433 REboot2417

UNFORESEEN – Open Studio event

Dear Friends I’m delighted to invite you to my first Open Studio event.


Press Image web


For 3 days ( Friday 30th of June, Saturday 1st of July and Sunday 2nd of July) I welcome you to visit my studio where I will install a selection of artwork spanning 18 years. With the supervision of curator Clara Rocha we have selected more then 35 pieces which are part of my artist proof collection.

A lot of the selected work have been shown abroad but never in London.

We chosen UNFORSEEN as the title for the event. It highlight the mystical interdependency between the live event and its documentation. All the work exhibited is born as an attempt to overcome the failure of documentation and the distance that photography is ontologically creating. UNFORSEEN would like to celebrate that sense of ‘productive failure’.

UNFORSEEN is matured out of a desire to generate further visibility and discussion on my  art practice and the urgency to find alternative ways to sustain more development. The work exhibited will be available for sale and the money collected will be use to fund new projects.

Please help me to prove that there are other ways to survive as an artist in London without the support of a commercial gallery or a second job.

If you don’t think so, please come along anyway and let’s discuss it all.