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A Photographic Exchange: Workshop with Manuel Vason

Dear friends,

since I moved to Folkestone I was wishing to do a project with the landscape and here the opportunity arrived. A fabulous organisation called The Ash Project are inviting artists to respond creatively to the devastating disease that is killing the most common tree in Kent Down area.

During a two days workshop we will photographically explore a local forest, we will gain and share information about the ash trees and we will engage in a series of actions using our bodies that we will document and share as a small campaign to build awareness.

If you believe that imagination, connection and care can make a difference, than join us!

The workshop is free.

Booking is essential so follow the link to book your space.

A Photographic Exchange: Workshop with Manuel Vason

Over two days we will practice photography as a methodology to communicate and connect with the ash trees of a small forest near Folkestone.

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 August 2018, 10-5pm, you must be available to attend both days of the workshop

Folkestone Downs, Meet at the Brewery Tap on Tontine Street

Instead of using photography as an observatory tool that replicates reality from distance, we will explore the medium as a stage on which to enact a correspondence between photographers and plants. Using intuition and imagination we will search for individual ways to interact with the trees and we will investigate creative ways to document those actions with photography. The workshop is open to anybody willing to explore the ash trees as companion for a new photographic and performative adventure.

Over the two days you will engage with an experimental photographic practice that considers the photographic relationship as a transfer of energy between subjects, to explore ways to move the photographic discourse away from a site of capture. The trees are viewed as a breathing, living participant in the act of creation


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