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Opening 10th May 2024

Palácio del Condestable | Sala Gótica

Pamplona, Spain

Part of the Arbola Festival

This exhibition is the result of an art residency in Pamplona and the collaboration with Claire Hurley (Ireland). We both grown up in the Western world and we have both been educated to consider nature as something separated from the human and with its own power to flourish and regenerate. This sense of separation and the direct consequences are clearly visible in the devastating process of deforestation, in the polluted land and climate change.

It is now become urgent the necessity to re-educate us all to feel the entanglement that unites humans and not-humans to the mother land and all her children.

The sculptures that Claire created weaving willows, leaves and dried branches resemble this entanglement and suggest, with their shapes of nest, sensations of protection, care and belonging.

In the exhibition the two art forms of sculptures and photograph are also weaved together in hybrid forms and fused aesthetics.

Here some photographic documentation shot by Claire:


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