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‘Becoming an Image’ – Live performance and workshop @ Rapid Pulse Festival

Date: 13/06/2014

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: DFBRL8R Gallery, Chicago

This collective action was the result/accumulation of 7 intense days workshop with a fantastic group of artists based in Chicago: Bow Ty, Christina Cruz, Da'Niro Elle Brown, Keijaun Thomas, Lisa Stertz, Mitsu Salomon, Sofia Moreno, Stephanie Acosta and Rose' Hernandez.

After carrying large size images around the city we conveyed at the DFBRL8R gallery and constructed a large scale installation. A sort of labyrinth made of the intersected photographs. We invited the audience to circulate inside and encounter the visual messages embedded on the photographed. During 9 minutes of complete darkness we covered the images with white plaster.

Our aim was to sabotage the viewer expectations, the photographic cannons and allow the images to transform into live memories.

Video and edit by James Tate.

Here the images printed on the large board and created during the workshop:

Here some more documentation images of the live performance created by Kevin Sparro and Mitch Mittelstedt

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