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Becoming an Image as part of LICA Launch Festival

Images created as part of my Becoming an Image project will be exhibited at a new building of Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA). Organised by Live at LICA to mark the LICA Launch Festival.

Becoming an Image took place over four days in August 2010 in Lancaster, as part of DIY 7, a Live Art Development Agency initiative developed in collaboration with Nuffield Theatre & LANWest, amongst other partners across England.

Becoming an Image DIY7 workshop, group collaboration #1, Lancaster, August 2010

Collaborating artists: Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter, Florence Peake, Lorena Rivero de Beer, Mandy Romero and Michele Outram

Becoming an Image was a collaborative site-specific project exploring the relationship and transition between and from body-based performance into sculpture and photography.

In August 2010, internationally-renowned artist Manuel Vason worked with 7 established artists from across the world. The artists spent time in Morecambe, exploring the bay and some iconic locations, including Morecambe’s stunning but derelict Winter Gardens. The result is a beautifully-realised photographic series, featuring the artists and their work, set against the backdrop of Morecambe.

Vason and the collaborating artists worked as a group, both experimenting individually and leading both in front and behind the camera. The group experimented with video and explored different possibilities of making images using alternative mediums to photography.

Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter

Zierle & Carter’s work critically examines what it means to be human, addressing notions of belonging, and the transformation of limitations. Their work sites an embodied investigation into interactions and encounters, acting as an invitation to venture into the spaces in-between the external and internal, permanent and transient, spoken and unheard.

Florence Peake is a London based Performance Artist and creates work of an interdisciplinary nature. Training in dance and a background in painting, her practice includes text and the use of drawing, painting and sculpture materials combined with found, appropriated and fabricated objects in relationship to the moving body.

Lorena Rivero de Beer

Lorena Rivero de Beer a performance artist and cultural activist. Her practice helps her to find a way to bridge the gap between theory and practice and explores mainly issues around subjectivity and power. She runs and co-founded ‘Tuebrook Transnational’ and ‘The Free University of Liverpool’.

Mandy Romero

Mandy Romero is a transgender artist whose media include films, writing, plays, cabaret and Live Art (inter)actions produced in places as diverse as Barcelona and the Pearl River Delta. She is based in Liverpool creating many of her art-works for the Bluecoat Arts Centre there, including her most recent performance work, Stevenage”.

Michele Outram

Michelle Outram (AUS/UK) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the socio-political contexts of being human through utilising mediatised (audio, visual), live (performance/dance), and spatial (installation) forms in non-traditional places. She is developing a practice working with archival materials and performance – allowing audiences to engage with history as ‘living’.

The Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster International Concert Series and the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster University have recently merged as one organisation: Live at LICA (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts). They now form a major provider of professional arts activity, public performances and exhibitions for the campus, the city and the region.


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