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‘Becoming an Image’ exhibition opens at the launch of the 3rd Thessaloniki Performance F

After a five day intensive workshop of collaborative action led by Manuel Vason, the exhibition of the images created opens today at Dynamo Project-space.

Participating artists: Alexia Falla, Andreas Pashias, Antonis Dalkiranidis, Christina Georgiou, Lela Ramoglou, Maria Kremeti, Olga Brouma, Thalia Zachariadou

The 3rd Thessaloniki Performance Festival is curated by  Eirini Papakonstantinou.

Manuel will also be one of the two keynote speakers alongside Adrian Heathfield at the conference:

“You had to be there.” Documenting, archiving and curating performance art

on the 19 October – Conference coordinator: Angeliki Avgitidou.



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