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Collaboration with Alastair MacLennan in Foto8 Summershow 7 July-18 August 2012


Alastair MacLennan and Manuel Vason, Collaboration #1 Belfast (2006) has been included in the fifth year of the Summershow.  This year there were more than 1200 entrants from around the globe contributing to a final count of 3,226 images of which 159 were selected for the exhibition.

The Foto8 Summershow is London’s greatest photographic spectacle, a veritable ‘salon de photographie’ – an inspiring array of framed and mounted images of all shapes and sizes, installed from floor to ceiling. London’s prestigious FOTO8 Gallery is the setting for the fifith annual Summershow which will features 159 framed photographs, selected from some 3200 entries spanning over 30 countries.

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