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DARC ‘Transformance Project’ at Tempting Failure Festival 2018

After 2 years from its first conception I will have the pleasure to present the Transformance project through a ‘live’ installation during the Tempting Failure Festival alongside DARC members: Tara Fatehi Irani, Ernst Fischer, Holly Revell, and Jemima Yong.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 1:00 -4:00 PM

Matthews Yard Gallery

1 Matthews Yard, Croydon, England, CR0 1FF (map)

If you want to know more about DARC have a read at LIVE ART UK Feature

Here a small promotional trailer of the project:

A radical new methodology examining how live performance can be experienced, transformed and translated, Transformance is an exciting ongoing project from this extraordinary collective. A meeting of the words ‘transformation’ and ‘performance’, artists Tara Fatehi Irani, Ernst Fischer, Holly Revell, Manuel Vason, and Jemima Yong have been exploring this practice-led research for over a year, seeking to actively blur the lines between performance and documentation, finding exchange between forms in a new hybrid live practice.

As part of this ongoing research, DARC have recently been working with select Tempting Failure artists – Moa Johansson, Hollie Miller and Peter Eason Daniels – exploring the ways in which these innovative approaches can be applied. Asking questions around what is seen, what disappears and what might become fixed from a live performance – the collaboration between these two groups will culminate in the collective’s first public showing for the project as part of TF18.

Moa Johansson, one of the artists selected for TF18’s Mentoring programme, entered into this working process with DARC earlier this month. She described the process as one of exploring what might occur beyond photography purely being seen as an act of documentation. What if it began to function and fuse as part of the creative process of making a performance?

“We began with an initial piece of work and were encouraged to explore ideas around exchange – exchanges between artist and photographer, with a focus on the interaction and communication. A kind of responsive exchange to documentation”

Using the works being developed for TF18 as a starting point, Moa and the other select artists will continue to work in daylong exchanges – with recordings of dialogues, performance, and actions aiming to capture different viewpoints and perspectives on the creative acts.

Peter Eason Daniels, another of TF18’s mentee artists, said “It is hard to believe that spaces like the DARC studio still exist in London, equally rare was the collective itself. From the moment I arrived, they were kind, accommodating, interesting and challenging. I am extremely excited to see what will happen to the performance and how it will be presented and transformed. It was a pleasure…and worth carrying a leaf blower through airport security.”

Both a live performance event and static exhibition, the work from this phase of Transformance will be presented at Matthews Yard, 1-4pm 17th July with the free static exhibition on display until the 21st. Day tickets are available now here. For the full programme please visit

A trailer for Transformance, and this phase of work between DARC and TF18 artists, can also be found here.

Header image by Holly Revell.


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