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DIY7, Becoming an Image /Workshop/ Lancaster, UK [2010]

Abstract from the call for participants: “With the transition from one art-form into another, a loss of information is inevitable, but the acquisition of a new artistic vocabulary opens up a variety of modes of artistic expression. Becoming an image is a natural transformation from movement to stillness. In this project, through a playful approach, the body becomes a sculpture by exploring its materiality, by projecting shapes and by connecting the individual inner state with its surface. This project intends to draw a line between photography, which aims to frame the live event as it reveals itself, and actual image making.”

This workshop was mature and natural development in Vason’s practice. Since 1999 he  has been collaborating with a number of artists. Each collaboration has been different but the objective has been to create one or more images that would capture the artist’s essence and presenting it in a new format. During this process he has build a methodology for his work, based on dialogue and process, through which ideas where shaped to fit mutual concern. The starting point of every collaboration is the body and its power of expression. He is interested in photography as language and he has been very excited to explore the limits and the contradictions of this art form. He is interested in the transition between a live action and its transformation into an image or an object.

Vason has been really happy with the work created in this workshop. He believes the level of input from each participant to have been particularly high. He got a lot of motivation from this experience, his role having been both that of leader and of participant. As leader he had to function as an example and he had to reply to questions interrogating his practice and his role as an artist. As participant he had to take risks, push the work with confidence. he had the opportunity to explore the relatively recent development of using his own body within his artistic practice and felt very inspired and influenced from the work of the participants. Together they managed really quickly to build a strong group and we have set plans for future collaborations.

This DIY project is supported by the Live Art Development Agency and by Nuffield Theatre, a key UK venue for presenting and commissioning experimental theatre, contemporary dance and live art.

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