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Documento Vivo - Exhibition and Workshop - Oficina Cultural Oswaldo de Andrade - Sao Paulo [2016]

The project was curated by Nina Pauline Knutson

The participants Brazilian artists are: Tete Rocha, Gabriela Russo Bassani, Mariane Custodio, Jorge Feitosa, Gislaine Costa, Marcela Antunes, Luca Oliva and Julieta Bacchin

As the title of the project suggests the aim of the project was to transform the ‘dead’ exhibition into a ‘live’ document.

For the period of one month I have occupied a gallery space at the Cultural Centre Oswalde de Andrade called ‘Casina’ (small house) and I have invited 8 Brazilian artists to collaborate on the project.

Each artist had the task to interfere, destroy or change the work of the other artists.

The intervention could take any form but had to take place at the Casina.

Each artist had also the task to document the transformation.


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