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Domestic Collaboration [2003-2006]

 Domestic Collaboration is a series of domestic performances for the camera. It started as an exercise to provoke and visualise Vason’s and Lisa Cazzato Vieira’s dreams and it became a device to encourage abnormal behaviour and self analysis –

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In the earlier years of his artistic career Manuel Vason collaborated with artist Lisa Cazzato Vieyra and under the artistic name Officina Humana they created the project Domestic Collaboration .

Vason and Cazzato document actions, both domestic gestures – like yawning or eating – and those that are out of the ordinary – interventions into public space which seek to disrupt the very protocols of domestic life documented in the same project. Thus the collaboration harbours a productive tension: the familiar and mundane is presented in an overwhelmed relation to the exaggerated artifice of a disruptive activity, exposing perhaps the processes that work to alienate us from those acts that we might recognise as unconventional. The domestic collaboration work is often exhibited as light boxes, adorned with a logo and short strings of text, clearly miming advertising strategies. As adverts lacking a product, Officina Humana markets conventionally unmarketable ideas, and in doing so exposes consumer culture as one of the systems of production that indeed produces and maintains hierarchies of conformity and acceptability.” – Dominic Johnson, Senior Lecturer in Drama in the School of English and Drama, Queen Mary, University of London.


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