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El PhotoPerformer - Solo exhibition - Museum Queretaro, Mexico [2017]

‘El PhotoPerformer, Permanent Actions – Disposable Images’ marked the first exhibition of The PhotoPerformer and its philosophy.

Curated by Gabriel Hörner García


All the work exhibited was produced in Mexico during the period from October 2016 till January 2017.

One of the themes of El PhotoPerformer exhibition was recycling: most of the material used for the exhibition was recycled and even the exhibited photographs were printed of recycled paper.

The agreement with the curator and director of the museum Gabriel Hörner García was that at the end of the exhibition all the materials would be recycled for future projects.

For this exhibition the PhotoPerformer manifested themselves through PhotoTotems, large sculptural objects containing/displaying images. The photographs incorporated in the structures functioned like memories of the actions that created the large object.

As I stated on a text presented at the exhibition: “it is by creating, destructing and recreating that I can reconcile with photography”.

Here some photographic documentation of the exhibition:

the Poster of the Exhibition:


If you can read in Spanish language and would like to look at some articles and reviews of the exhibition here few links:


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