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Encounters, A Foundation, Liverpool Biennial, UK [2008]

Installation as part of Liverpool Biennial 2008. Curated by Bryony Bond

In a room painted gold Vason presented 16 images illuminated by theatrical lighting operated by a mixer. Each member of the audience was encouraged to experience a one to one “Encounter” with the image, the artists presented and the live action documented.

Encounters was Vason’s first major exhibition, and was originally presented by Arnolfini (Bristol, UK) in 2007, which also published the catalogue Encounters – Performance, photography, collaboration. The exhibition included an arrangement of triggered, theatrical-style lighting and sound, and a red carpet walkway around the gallery, emphasising the experience of looking at these works as a performance in itself.

Encounters is a collection of collaborations and exchanges between Manuel Vason and an array of artists. Vason spent up to two weeks with the respective artist, in some cases even living in the artist’s house. Each of the images presented is a performance for the camera, devised to be experienced as a single photograph and symbolising a mutual ritual towards immortality. The images created seek an opportunity for an intimate encounter with a viewer. Each image invites the viewer’s active and creative interpretation.

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