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Exposures – Manuel Vason, Lois Keidan, Ron Athey [Black Dog Publishing]


Exposures was Manuel Vason’s first collection of collaborative photographs. The book was an unprecedented approach to the documentation and dissemination of work by performance practitioners. Alongside essays by Lois Keidan and Ron Athey, ‘Exposures’ brought together images made with some of the most celebrated artists working with performance in the UK.

All the images exist as original 10×8 inch Polaroids. Each project was photographed using a maximum of ten sheets of film, during one day of shooting. The use of Polaroid film enabled a series of discussions that structured each short collaborative process. The instant results allowed a practical framework that has since developed into the more extensively dialogue-based modes of collaboration practiced.

In Exposures images, Manuel Vason has somehow managed to both capture the tension and the immediacy of the performance act and offer a rare glimpse of an artist in their art as their art. These photographs are neither a portrait of the artist or documentation of an event but something in between, or rather, beyond: something more intimate, more authentic and ultimately more arresting and meaningful.

Lois Keidan - Director of Live Art Development Agency

Published by Black Dog Publishing Ltd. Developed in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency. Financially assisted by the Arts Council of England

Paperback, 96pp 86 colour reproductions ISBN: 1-901033-87-2 UK  22 x 28cm / 9x 12in Pub date: Spring 2002

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