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Homegrown – The Talks: Documentation by Manuel Vason

13th July at 16:00 – 18:00

Vivid Projects – 158 Fazeley Street, Unit 16, Birmingham, B5 5RT

Tickets are available here

Homegrown is a testing ground for new ideas, a four month long artist development programme for West Midland artists working with experimental performance.

There will be 4 talks by experts in the field of Producing Live Art, Making Art, Documenting Live Art & Funding. This is the second:

The PhotoPerformer in Action

“I see the photograph as a space of reflection that needs to be analysed, interpreted and criticised. I’m particularly interested on the frictions between performance and its documentation and all the hybrid forms (a photographic performance, a performed photograph, a performance for camera, etc) that this gap produces. While I’m performing I’m inside the artwork and photography allows me to see my actions from an external point of view. Sometimes I think that through the action of photographing I’m trying to shorten the distance that photography is creating. While picturing diversity, my images and my actions encourage identification with poetic behaviour.” Manuel Vason

This project has been made possible with the support of Jerwood Charitable Foundation (JCF) and Arts Council England.


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