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I believe in, National Review of Live Art, The Arches, Glasgow [2010]

Installation comprising of: A0 Light-box nineptych (duratrans prints with solar control film) 1 x Large display light box, duratran print, laminated – Derrida 1978:235′ 6 x size A0 LED light boxes activated by the physical presence of the viewer (duratrans prints with solar control film)

“I believe in photography as the art of provoking fact and creating documents. Through a process of imagination, I live in a parallel reality: I believe, I desire, I exchange. Through a collaborator who takes on the role of the photographer, I interrogate who I think I am and who my collaborator thinks I am… The meeting point is another form of representation I question my own ‘being’, my presence and the relationship with the image. These images are confessions.” – Manuel Vason

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