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INspiration - Live performance - ARTSPACE Mexico Gallery - Mexico City 25.11.2016

“Inspiration – Exercise for vital photography.

ArtSpace Mexico Gallery


Duration: 37 minutes

A structure in wood was covered with a thin layer of see-through plastic to recreate a human lung that would synchronise and amplify the PhotoPerformer breathing.

Once inside the PhotoPerformer exercised different breathing techniques for as long as he could carry on till he reached a state of hyperventilation.

His right hand was taped to a photo camera and during the process he took a picture at every exhalation that got projected directly onto the wall of the gallery.

The audience could hear the breathing, see his blurred body through box, observe the movement of the thin plastic and witness the images projected outside the box as they were captured.

The aim of the action was to create a correspondence between the act of breathing and the act of photographing and stress their mutual hyper-condition.

All pictures taken by Gustavo Thomas


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