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Launch of Double Exposures website

Double Exposures

We’re very excited to be launching the website for Double Exposures, a new project which is a follow up to Manuel Vason’s groundbreaking book Exposures, published in 2002. Double Exposures builds on Manuel Vason’s collaborative practice, it will explore two new concepts and will produce an extensive new body of work.  40 new commissioned collaborations will feature in a publication to be launched in 2013.

The website will grow as the project develops and it will feature interviews, which Manuel Vason is conducting as part of each collaboration, along with further materials and suggestions by the collaborators.

Visit the website now to watch the project video teaser, to find out about the concepts behind the project and to check out the material, which has already been uploaded from the first collaborations. And don’t forget to keep revisiting the site for new material!


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