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Manuel Vason – Artist Statement

I consider my practice as a life long commitment to explore the correspondence between Photography and Performance Art.

I believe in photography as an efficient instrument to articulate the human condition, to test new codes of behaviour, to criticize how we shape knowledge, to provoke innovative thinking.

I believe in the photograph as an alternative space to the Gallery or the Theatre, a conceptual territory, a place where contradiction, ambiguity and paradox are not only tolerated but encouraged.

After having collaborated with more than 200 international performance artists, my eyes and my body have been indoctrinated and positively contaminated. I feel the urgency to question the role of the photographer, the authority of the photographic image, the trickery behind my beliefs.

I found myself through the gaze of the others, I found my voice through dialogues, I found my artistic practice through collaboration.

I want my behavior to be ruled by my fake desires, I want to live my present in the pose, I want to share my illusions and scream my confusion!


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