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Metáfora - Live performance

Date: 15/07/2014

Duration 45 minutes

Location: Galeria Vermelho (São Paulo)

Part of VERBO 2014 Performance Art Festival – 10th edition

With a photo camera taped on his head and by performing intense breathing exercises that increase the body temperature, The PhotoPerformer aimed to produce drops of sweat and melt the photographic portrait printed on soluble paper, placed on a small platform where he was standing. Under the control of the participating audience who were remotely triggering the camera, the action of breathing and the action of photographing synchronised.

For forty-five minutes the audience was exposed to a process of destruction: each new image projected was deleting the previous one. The camera taped to the face didn’t have a memory card, so any new image was deleting the previous.

Each projected image became an apparition instead of a trace.

The image under The PhotoPerformer’s feet was melting and his body betrayed the exhaustion.

Pictures taken by Rafael Cañas


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