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Oh Lover Boy [1999-2001]

Oh Lover Boy is the result of a two year collaboration with performance artist Franko B during which Vason followed him and documented every single live performance in UK and Europe. The project/collaboration was triggered by the necessity to establish a more profound connection with an artist whose work Vason found complex and problematic. It is during this time that Vason understood the potentiality of performances for camera.

The book contains text by Sarah Wilson and an interview between the artist and Gray Watson.

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‘It is a cliché to say that artists suffer for their art, but it’s certainly true of Franko B. Oh Lover Boy is written in blood’

Lyn Gardner, Art and Theatre Critic, The Guardian, May the 1st, 2001

Published by Black Dog Publishing Ltd in 2001.

Paperback, 102 pages, 86 colour reproductions 22.8×22.8×1.4 cm, ISBN: 978-1901033823, UK.


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