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Performance Documentation workshop – Wake Festival Folkestone

Getting ready to a new workshop experience as part of Wake Festival in Folkestone.

We open call for a group of participants interested to discuss the complex relationship between Photography and Performance Art and exercise new ideas.

To apply please send: A short letter of motivation, artist’s bio/statement & weblink. To:

Participants will be provided with a bursary of £300, food, travel and assistance with accommodation if necessary.

Workshop dates: 1st – 5th September Wake Festival dates: 8th – 10th September

Deadline for applications: 4th August Applicants notified: 7th August

About the workshop:

Title: Looking at Documentation from the lens of Performance Art.

Description: This workshop is matured as a natural development of my art practice. Since 1999 I have been collaborating with more than 200 performance artists internationally.

Each collaborations was different but in every single one the objective was to transform a symbolic action into a significant image.

During these years I have developed a methodology of working based on dialogue, exchange, intention, attention, exercises and process.

By questioning the reductive activity of photography (framing and choosing) we will reconsider documentation as a creative action of emotional proximity with the subject.

By confronting the authoritative fixity of the photographic evidence we will open up the medium so to welcome new valid and necessary perspectives such as the ‘provisional’ or the ‘precarious’.

Basically, we will try to embody documentation as an exercise to sync with our subject and solution the inevitable distance.

– Manuel Vason


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