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Performance Transition

5th November 2011 – 14th January 2012 Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange Penzance, Cornwall, UK


This exhibition explores the relationship of live art and performance to documentation and alongside with CAZ, the Penzance-based, artist-led initiative presenting a live art archive, featuring works produced in the region since 1996 I will be presenting a specific selection of images, which marks the development of my practice over the past decade in terms of methodologies of creative process. The images presented as part of this exhibition are collaborations with artists, who have previously presented work in Penzance. Collaborations presented: Alastair MacLennan, Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter, Florence Peake, Helena Goldwater, Kira O’Reilly

Residency From 6-10 December I will also be taking part in Transition, with the aim to develop the idea of a ‘double image’ through a site-specific collaborative process with Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter, working in various sites around Penzance and throughout Cornwall. The outcomes of each day will be on display in the gallery the following day. There will be opportunities throughout the week in the afternoon for the public to talk to us.


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