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Photo Healing - Live performance - Ex Teresa Art Actual Contemporary Art - Mexico City 14/11/2016

Live Performance

Ex Teresa Art Actual (Centre of Contemporary Art ) Mexico City


Duration: 45 minutes

The space was lit with a red light to resemble a photographic darkroom.

The audience was invited to picture the live action while the performer were photographing everything and constantly, with real cameras as well as obsolete objects.

The images of two cameras were projected onto the walls and the sounds of each click was amplified.

Each performer had a clear intention to blur the difference between photographer and photographed, between internal and external, between professional and amateur, between performer and spectator.

The photographic creation become a collective body.

The live performance was presented at the end of two weeks workshop organised by the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico and the Centre of Contemporary Dance (CEPRODAC)

Pictures taken by the participant performers and Antonio Juarez


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