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Platformance project in Thessaloniki

I’m very happy to take part in this project of exchange in Thessaloniki.

I will be spending a week with a group of young artists based in Greece and present the result of our research at the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.

Platformance project in Thessaloniki

In preparation to this project I wrote this text:

Picture Act

Images excite us sexually, they animate religious experience, they make us cry or comply with disgust, desire or hope; they incite revolts. The historic and ethnographic evidence for the potency of the images is unmistakable and overwhelming.

I believe photography has reshaped our perception.

We live a cultural situation marked by the saturation of images; we all collectively participate on the hyper representation of the body. The overload of images creates more alienation and confusion and as a result we manifest the need for more; more image production, more accumulation and more congested archives.

In search of an invisible knowledge we end up repeating the same image and covering social media with imitation and re-enactments.

During the workshop we will explore our relationship with the ‘performative image’, we will try to connect and not separate from our human condition, we will confront the image and curry its weight.

Each image created will look back at us.

Manuel Vason 2016.


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