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Praxis /Workshop/ Mohave Desert, California, USA [2008]

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This 10-day workshop in the desert has been a real life experience and a real boost to Manuel Vason’s artistic practice.

The brief for the workshop was: “Why a desert workshop in the heat of the summer? Because making extreme work in academia is problematic, because immersion, endurance, bodywork, bonding, survival, can spur insane revelations and productivity. Because who else is going to encourage you to sing opera, perform a live sex show, while buried in a sand dune for 12 hours? All “teachers” will be participants making work as well: facilitated by Ron Athey and Julie Tolentino, vocal training and sound composition with Juliana Snapper, proper bootcamp training with Heather Cassils, thematic hikes led by Marcia McLain, field biologist.”


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