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SALT + EARTH Festival: Manuel Vason - Gestures with the Ground - Installation

I'm feeling very privilege to be selected to contribute to the SALT + EARTH Festival in Folkestone.

Time and date

Tue 20 - Sun 25 Sep, 11am - 3pm


Samphire Hoe Visitor Centre

Samphire Rd,


CT17 9FL,

United Kingdom

Gestures with the Ground explores the idea of physical contact (imprint) with the different types of terrain that shape and characterise the Kent Downs Geopark area.

The artist has been thinking of the project in relation to his photographic practice, in particular to the act of mapping, tracing and transferring information from one surface to another through contact printing. This led him to imagine the landscape of the Cross-Channel Geopark as a body, a breathing body in constant transformation and in sensorial correspondence with our own bodies.

Travelling across the AONB to roll his body in different terrains – chalk, clay, marl, greensand, grassland and woodland - Manuel Vason attempts to activate a dialogue between bodies, an exercise of modelling while being modelled and an opportunity to grow a tactile eye.

The resulting exhibition of photographic and moving image with earth-stained white suits seeks to convey both the variety of terrains and the connection set up between the body of earth, the body of work and the human body.

Manuel Vason explores photography as a philosophical prism through which to engage with his surroundings and expand the imagination. He has collaborated with over 250 international performance artists, produced seven publications and exhibited in numerous institutions worldwide.

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