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“Shit Parade” a live performance by Jamie McMurry

It is a great pleasure to host Jamie McMurry first performance in London!

Saturday 21 March Doors open at 19:30 Performance begins at 20:00 Conversation with the artist at approximately 21:00 Contribution to artist and studio: £7 MV STUDIO 8-10 Rhoda Street (off Brick Lane) London E2 7EF

Jamie McMurry is from a place where cattle ranchers, migrant farm workers, apple orchards and meth labs uneasily coexist within the context of Yakama Native American land. Violence in many forms existed as part of everyday life and fear was the driving force behind personal behaviour. The objects, actions and sensations of these origins are what has inspired Jamie’s practice as an artist, educator and organizer since 1990. He has presented his work extensively though live performances, installations, videos and works of conceptual art. He has resided in Los Angeles since 1996, a town that continues to feed and inform his practice. McMurry is pleased to be presenting work in London for the very first time and is also pleased to invite fellow Angeleno Ron Athey to participate in a post performance conversation.

Very special thanks to Ron Athey, Manuel Vason and Nikki Milican for putting together this event.


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