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SPILL Tarot, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster [2009]

SPILL Performance Tarot Exhibition part of ‘Looking Aside’ (World Premier) Looking Aside – Eventhood and the documentation of performance‘ was a unique exhibition from major artists approaching the question of how to document performance practices that are by definition fleeting and transitory. Rather than looking head-on, these artists have worked sideways, creating new artworks that sit alongside the events they record or suggest. The results hover between documentation, performance and visual art, and are startling, unexpected and genuinely beautiful.

Featured artists and works included the world premiere of The SPILL Performance Tarot Exhibition – A limited edition deck of 78 tarot cards made by ‘maverick’ artists from around the world, working with photographer Manuel Vason

It also featured:

Tim Etchells and Hugo Glendinning – Empty Stages. An on-going photographic project cataloguing empty stages in a variety of contexts including pubs, conference centres, church halls and working menÂ’s clubs. Tom Bangbala – Orchestral Life. Bangbala has been photographing musicians for over 30 years, capturing the unseen realities of life as a classical musician. Lucy Cash and Goat Island – A Last, A Quartet. A four-screen film installation, taking material from The Lastmaker, the ninth and final work from the influential Chicago-based performance company, Goat Island.


The SPILL Performance Tarot was an artist led experimental project at theheart of SPILL Festival of Performance 2009, conceived and produced by Pacitti Company. SPILL is London’s premiere festival of performance, live art and experimental theatre. The SPILL Tarot project brings together a new constituency of contemporary makers from a variety of disciplines, in order to create a new deck of tarot cards. In collaboration with SPILL commissioned photographer Manuel Vason, a range of ‘maverick’ artists to each restage a tarot card. Artists collaborating on this project are Ron Athey, Marisa Carnesky, Franko B, Raimund Hoghe, Robert Pacitti, Lois Keidan, Lee Adams, Carla Esperanza Tommasini, Sheila Ghelani, Oreet Ashery, Rajni Shah, Noblesse Oblige, Vaginal Davis, Grace Ellen Barkey, Harminder Singh Judge, Kira O’Reilly, Helena Hunter, Empress Stah, Dominic Johnson, Julia Bardsley, Manuel Vason and Yann Marussich. This beautiful limited edition deck of cards, presented in a specially designed box and cellophane wrapped is available to buy at

This exhibition is a large format photographic display of the full deck of cards: 22 Major Arcana images, and the uncut printers’ sheets of the Minor Arcana.

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