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STILL_MÓVIL – Acción Anatómica

To verbalise means to express an idea or feelings in words.

In the passage from dance to the spoken language I encounter the ‘Verb’ as the manifestation of the action, of the movement.

For Acción Anatómica I have asked to each choreographer to identify the five verbs, which are recurrent on their practice and to represent each verbs using a part of their body.

HD Video

Duration: 1:01 mins – within  an exhibition context the video is presented in loop

Artists involved:

Alejandra Jara (Paraguay), Ana Cecilia Chung Oré (Perú), Ana Cecilia Moreno (Bolivia), Claudia Vicuña (Chile), Edith Correa (Paraguay), Giselle Rodrigues (Brasil), Iván Sánchez (Chile), Javiera Peón-Veiga (Chile), José Alvarez (Paraguay), Lorna Ortiz (Perú), Manuel Vason (Italia/ Reino Unido), Marcelo Evelin (Brasil), María José Rivera (Bolivia), Mirella Carbone (Perú), Morella Petrozzi (Perú), Natalia Aldana (Paraguay), Nuri Gutés (Chile), Paula Giuria (Uruguay), Pepe Santana (Perú), Ricardo Marinelli (Brasil), Rocío Rivera Marchevsky (Chile),  Sergio Valenzuela (Chile), Sylvia Fernández (Bolivia), Vanilton Lakka (Brasil).


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