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STILL_MÓVIL – El Discurso del Cuerpo [excerpt]

“Working with contemporary dancers I have been introduced to the world of ‘improvisation’… this has been a real mind opening.

During an ‘improvisation’ a sensitive body is open to perceive the elements of the surrounding and use this impulse as a stimulus for movement.

Each Artists was given an image to use as a starting point for an impro.

The image represented the last shot of a one minute video recording of another choreographer.

This image symbolised the motivation for a correspondence.”

Format: HD video projection

Duration of full length video: 45:54

Artists involved:

Alejandra Jara (Paraguay), Ana Cecilia Chung Oré (Perú), Ana Cecilia Moreno (Bolivia), Ana Chin-A-Loy (Venezuela), Angela Bello (Colombia), Carla Coronado (Perú), Claudia Vicuña (Chile), Cristian Duarte (Brasil), Edith Correa (Paraguay), Esteban Donoso (Ecuador), Félix Oropeza (Venezuela), Giselle Rodrigues (Brasil), Inés Coronado (Perú), Isabel Story (Venezuela), Iván Sánchez (Chile), Javiera Peón-Veiga (Chile), José Alvarez (Paraguay), Josie Cáceres (Ecuador), Klever Viera (Ecuador), Lorna Ortiz (Perú), Lucía Russo (Argentina), Manuel Vason (Italia/ Reino Unido),  Marcelo Evelin (Brasil), María José Rivera (Bolivia), Mirella Carbone (Perú), Morella Petrozzi (Perú), Natalia Aldana (Paraguay), Natalia  Orozco (Colombia), Nuri Gutés (Chile), Paula Giuria (Uruguay), Pepe Santana (Perú), Ricardo Marinelli (Brasil), Rocío Rivera Marchevsky (Chile), Rommel Nieves (Venezuela), Sergio Valenzuela (Chile), Sofía Mejia (Colombia), Sylvia Fernández (Bolivia), Tamia Guayasamin (Ecuador), Tino Fernández (Colombia), Valeria Andrade (Ecuador), Vanilton Lakka (Brasil).


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