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STILL_MÓVIL exhibition launches in Montevideo, Uruguay



Performance / Fotografía / Colaboração

3rd November – 5th December 2011 Centro de Exposiciones Subte Montevideo, Uruguay

I am delighted to announce the inaugural exhibition of STILL_MÓVIL, a project that I started developing in 2009 in collaboration with the Red Sudamericana de Danza (South America Dance Network). The exhibition opens In Montevideo, Uruguay, will be touring across South America in 2012 and in Europe in 2013. A project publication, supported by the Ministry of Culture of Columbia will be also be launched in 2012

This interdisciplinary project features the work produced during my two years of travelling across ten different countries in South America taking on different residencies, captivating the work of 50 regional practitioners, choreographers and dancers, with the objective of transforming a piece of dance or performance into an image or stillness.

More info on the project and the 50 collaborating artists on


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