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The Book of Dust – collaboration with Ernst Fischer and Lisa Cazzato-Vieyra

The video above is a trailer. Original video running time: 15 mins

Dust as a substance is so varied yet ubiquitous, the processes involved in its creation so numerous, that a book of it is unlikely to ever reach completion.

This video is part if an on-going, open ended project that is concerned with the collection of dust and the exploration of its various and often contradictory qualities. Of particular interest is the fundamental dichotomy between dust as a raw material for creation and as a documentary trace of destruction. Dust speaks both of moment and stillness, poverty and wealth, the body and the abject and serves as a metaphor for the artist’s endeavour to create beauty, which invariably ends in failure.

Inspired by butoh, the expressionist Japanese dance form that rose from the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to challenge received Western Notions of ballet and modern dance, The Book of Dust seeks to explore the movement of the traumatised body in a dystopian society.

From sowing dryness and doubt to the creation of new words, the body in these (neglected) fragments is both passive and active in a landscape and the forces impacting on it-physically moving between the everyday and the grotesque towards the beginning of dance.


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