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The Ethical Document – Open Eye Gallery

Wednesday 5 October 2016 / 1.30pm – 4pm / Free / Booking Required

A round table discussion with Manuel Vason and members of the Documentation Action Research Collective (DARC)

Join Manuel Vason and members of the DARC collective for talks and presentations on the practices, aethetics and ethics of co-creating performance documentation, performance photography and photo performances.

This summer Manuel Vason was in residence with the multi-faith women’s group and choir Migrant Artists Mutual Aid (MaMa) and the transmutable voices team (performer/director Jennifer Verson, artist/psychotherapist Lorena Rivero de Beer and and social psychologist Pamela Mastrilli) and co-created a series of photo performances exploring new aesthetics of citizenship.

Manuel Vason returns to Liverpool on 5th October with members of DARC collective to discuss the theories, processes and challenges of creating the ethical document.

DARC is a collective of artists who believe that the documentation of other artists’ work is not just preservation but a creative act in itself.

“we are INSIDERS we CARE we UNDERSTAND performance we have a CONNECTION with you already we KNOW you you KNOW us we are part of the COMMUNITY you TRUST us our documentation is an ART form we have a THEORY (even if we’re unsure what that is at present!) this isn’t just WORK it’s an EXCHANGE…’

Manuel Vason is an internationally reknowned photographer working closely in and between the fields of photography and performance.

‘I consider my practice as a life long commitment to explore the correspondence between Photography and Performance Art. I believe in photography as an efficient instrument to articulate the human condition, to test new codes of behaviour, to criticize how we shape knowledge, to provoke innovative thinking. I believe in the photograph as…a place where contradiction, ambiguity and paradox are not only tolerated but encouraged.’

The event is free, however booking is required. Reserve your place at Open Eye Gallery, call +44 (0)151 236 6768 or email


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