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The PhotoPerformer in Action - Public performance - Body & Freedom Festival - Zurich 24.08.2018

Performance title: The PhotoPerformer is using photography to trace a map so to get lost.

Live performance I Duration 30 minutes

Part of Body and Freedom Festival

Zurich 24.08.2018

The action took place in Rathausbrücke, an open square in city centre of Zurich. The PhotoPerformer was wearing only a pair of running shoes and blindfolded he was taking pictures and marking the ground with a red and white chalk. If members of the public were asking to the organisers what was he doing, they responded: ’he is photographing reference points so to get lost...’.

One of the aims of the action was to question the relationship between the photographer voyeur and the performer exhibitionist and to impersonate the two into a playful dynamic.

The pictures taken by the PhotoPerformer were also lost due to an hard drive failure. Pictures taken by Reto Cortesi.

Festival Flayer


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