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‘Theatre of the Face’ – Exhibition – Shillong International Photo Festival [

I was delighted to participate to the 20th edition of the Shillong International Photo Festival along side some of the most prestigious Indian photographers like Raghu Rai, Prashant Panjiar, Rathika Ramasamy, Sumit Dayal.

Of course I didn’t waste the opportunity to present my performative ‘point of view’.

I choose to present a series of images titled ‘The Theater of the Face’ created in collaboration with artist Ernst Fischer, a great friend and long time collaborator.

Once the framed images where installed on the walls of the Festival venue I have asked to a group of young photographer to carry the large prints around the streets of Shillong and pose for staged group images.

I really enjoyed the experiment of transforming a static exhibition into a dynamic performance…

At the end the images were encounters by passersby and they generated a bigger impact than I could have hoped.


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