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‘To Camera’ – Group exhibition – Belfast Photo Festival [2015]

‘To Camera’ focuses on photography’s relationship and interaction with performance.

Where depending on the intention of the artist, the photograph has been used either for documentation or as a final work of art.

Featuring work spanning five decades ‘To Camera’, is an exhibition of works that gives evidence of the artist’s action, intervention and/or performance.

The exhibition, is the first curatorial collaboration between Belfast Photo Festival and Golden Thread Gallery.

‘To Camera’ offers an insight into a variety of artists’ practices that have employed the camera as a means of constructing visual representations, that fluctuates between the absurd, the irreverent, the poignant and the mundane.

Dates of the exhibition: 4.6.2015 – 25.7.2015

Featured artists: Lorraine Burrell, Amanda Coogan, Tony Hill, Tom Lovelace, Moira McIver, Maria Platero, Manuel Vason, and Ai Wei Wei.


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