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Unframing Photography

In full excitement, I’m delighted to announce that Unframing Photography has been awarded a project grant from the Art Council of England. Six year after the birth of the PhotoPerfomer, Unframing Photography marks the beginning of a new investigation that targets Photography, its power, its influence and possibly its future.

The project starts by gathering together a group of experienced photographers based in Folkestone. ‘We’ photographers that we are used to compete, to hold secretly our skills and praise our craft… this time, ‘we’ are encouraged to exchange and point our cameras towards the problems that surround this powerful medium.

On this first step of the project I invite photography’s makers, thinkers and users to fill in this application form before the 10th of May (deadline extended).

Unframing Photography wants to provoke a series of discussions on the issues of photography and with the support of selected contributors transform the collected material into a campaign of awareness.

If you are not interested in participating but you are intrigued by the proposition please help us by sharing the open call.


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