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Workshops and residencies are becoming an ever-growing part of my practice. Within the latter part of this year I have found myself leading a few workshops and really enjoying it as a creative process. This summer I was invited by the Director of Rifrazioni Festival near Rome, Italy, to lead a week-long workshop with a group of Italian artists. We experimented in various locations both outdoors and indoors and explored the notion of sculpture in relation to the body.

14_Rifrazioni Festival -Residency- Rome, Italy [2010]

In August I also led a workshop as part of the DIY7 scheme. ‘Becoming an Image’ was supported by the Live Art Development Agency and by Nuffield Theatre. I’m really happy with the work created in this workshop. I think the level of input from each participant was particularly high. I had the opportunity to explore the relatively recent development of using my own body within my artistic practice and I feel very inspired and influenced from the work of the participants. We managed really quickly to build a strong group and we have set plans for future collaborations.

To view images of both these workshops please go under Workshops/Residencies in

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