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Still Image Moving
  • Still Image Moving

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    This publication has been created after the site-specific participatory project Still Image Moving, which took place as part of In between Time Festival 2010.
    It includes an introduction by Helen Cole – In between Time Festival Director, a contextualising essay by Astrid Breel, project facilitators’ profiles, behind the scenes images, all the images created with the public of Bristol and the participants’ feedback.


    From 2-15th December 2010 Bristol became a stage. Each day passers by were invited to create a performance to be recorded into an image. Manuel Vason in collaboration with his team of co-facilitators, used his experience of collaboration with international performance artists to facilitate the construction of unique actions/images, allowing each participant to express their individuality through live performance. As the sun set each action/image was turned into a large scale projection on site and around the city centre- creating a picture of a city in which the most energetic and charismatic performers are its residents. The public were able to come and create their performance images and then return as darkness descended to see their image projected on historical building around the city of Bristol.


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