‘SIGNALS’ – Exhibition @ Glassworks, Folkestone [2019]

SIGNALS – Manuel Vason & Rubiane Maia, Caparao 2015

Folkestone 01/09/2019

In a contemporary society characterised by exasperated individualism, in which economy and finance have replaced politic and ethic, we feel the urgency to send out and receive SIGNALS.

SIGNALS is the title of Manuel Vason and Rubiane Maia first exhibition held at Studio Radar, a new space of contact and correspondence between our different art practices and a hub of connection and exchange with other artists, collaborators and active viewers.   

Our intention is to SIGNALS out our desire for change and SIGNALS in new stimuli and ideas for the transformation of our daily life.

While Manuel Vason is looking at photography as an apparatus for change and transformation through his alter-ego (The PhotoPerformer), Rubiane Maia is focusing on different ways to incorporate ancestral memories using performance, video and collages.

Through SIGNALS we’re starting a process of personal and collective sensitization.

Rubiane Maia and Manuel Vason 

Here some documentation images of the exhibition: