‘SUBMERSION’ – Live performance, London [2017]

SUBMERSION was performed at MV Studio as part of Be Right Back Exhibition curated by Tete De Alencar.

As the title suggests the aim of the action was to submerge the body of the PhotoPerformer into a ‘pool’ of crunched photographs.

The action lasted more than 3 hours.

The repetition of the gesture of picking up, showing and crunching the same image again and again wanted to resemble the exhausting production of images.

While we are motivated and encouraged to photographically record and post every second of our live in reward of fame, profile and power, somewhere ‘machines’ are extrapolating personal information so to control and manipulate our needs and behaviours.

While we are beneficially assisted by the support of technological advancement we are also dangerously affected by its mathematical and computational thinking.

The action of the PhotoPerformer was ‘programmed’ to exhaust.

Here some documentation images photographed by Andrea Abbatangelo: