‘The PhotoPerformer in Action’ – Live performance @ the Body & Freedom Festival of Performance Art in Zurich [2018]

Title: The PhotoPerformer is using photography to trace a map so to get lost.

After a long break from action due to the arrival of Tian and the other baby (Phd thesis), the PhotoPerformer returns ‘live’ as part of the Body and Freedom Festival in Zurich.

The impulse behind this live action is to invert and merge the positions of the photographer and the performer artists (subject of the photograph). In particular I’m interested to focus on the relationship between the photographer voyeur and the performer exibitionist and impersonate the two into a playful dynamic.

A lot has been written and talked about the necessity of nudity in performance art and while I’m aware of the issue concerning a ‘fit’ body in a society obsessed with perfection and discrimination, I took this opportunity as an exercise to break my inhibition and use my body as a tool of provocation.

The title helped me to create a context for the action as it was performed on a public space in the centre of Zurich… if asked about what I was doing the organisers could respond: “He is photographing reference points so to get lost…”

Here a gallery of images documenting the live action taken by the ‘official’ Festival’s photographer Reto Cortesi: