‘UnForeSeen’ – Exhibition [2017]

UnForeseen – Exhibition flyer

Manuel Vason welcomes you to the intimacy of his studio in Shoreditch to view a selection of his works produced over the last 18 years.

On the first weekend of July, members of the public will have the opportunity to explore the artistic process and the evolution of the artist’s practice around Photography, Performance and Collaboration. 

The title Unforeseen (chosen by the curator of the event Clara Rocha) highlights the mystical interdependency between Photography and Performance Art. It announces the unprecedented approach of Vason’s work and the viewers’ unpredictable experiences and responses upon encountering the work.

This exhibition, comprising of a selection of approximately 35 works from the artist’s proof collection, is based on Vason’s trajectory and the many layers contained in his work. From a series of performances for the camera with some of the most visually arresting artists working with performance in the UK and internationally (the ‘Exposures’ and ‘Encounters’ series) to his latest collaboration with his alter ego the PhotoPerformer, Vason’s work allows us to focus on the tension between the live event and its documentation and question the role of photography in our contemporary society.

Here some photographic documentation of the exhibition: