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I consider the workshop an apparatus of creation;
equal to a camera obscura the luminous inputs get transformed into a collective blend of individual growth.

Manuel Vason

The photo-synchronicity of many individuals focusing attention on specific actions is a beautiful manifestation of plurality, difference, and union.

With this in mind, the workshop becomes an affective device of co-creation and an opportunity to exchange with others.

During the various activities of the workshop we learn to inhabit different perspectives, embrace the unfamiliar, and adopt trust and proximity to counteract the prominent individualism characteristic of the capitalistic society.

My personal intention is to listen and follow the various interferences that the group releases beyond the initial proposition that gathered the group.

As well as a instrument of artistic creation, my workshops have a educational aspect and a

number of Universities in UK and abroad have regularly invited me to present a configuration.


If you would be interested to run a workshop on your University contact me here

Here 3 example of workshop I have explored with diverse groups:

Unframing Photography


This workshop was created specifically for photographers and artists practicing photography interested to expand the possibilities of the medium and their personal approach to it. Instead of targeting any improvement of specific skill or style, the group pays attention at the ‘problems’ of the medium so to expose and explore alternative ways to practice it.

Each participants become the subject of a reflexive act of re-positioning, re-learning and re-imagining. The real and the conceptual become one.

Becoming an Image


As the title suggests this workshop introduces the photographic image as a performative space/stage in which the unconventional is welcome, the diverse celebrated and each participant is invited to focus on a personal and urgent message to deliver through an action.

While considering all the aspects and elements involved in the transformation between live to recorded this activity lends itself as an invaluable exercise to experiment new ideas and directions.


Toward a poetic image


This workshop focuses on the correspondence between the internal and external image. Each participant gets stimulated by a series of exercises to transform sensations and emotional states into visualisations and then invent ways to translate and transform those visions into physical actions.

Some of the visions are conceived, performed and documented for and by the entire group.

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