Canary Island art residency

Between December and January 2020 Rubiane, Tian and myself have spent incredible time in the fabulous Island of Canary. The art residency was initially organised by Osa Polar Espacio Creativo with the support of Atlas association in Las Palmas. We ended up in an incredible spot called Tasartico in the middle of National park in Canary Island.

During the residency I discover a new concept that right now is still making pulsating which I called ‘Intersubjective Photography’.

How can I share my photography decisions with the elements around me?

Photography is such an individualistic practice, pictured in most scenarios as the man and the camera, exploring, searching, discovering.

What about if the camera itself function as an antenna focused to capture multiple signals and transform them into photographic actions?

What about if I was taking a picture responding to the instructions given by a rock or a plant or a bird?

The contact with such a powerful nature in an incredible beautiful island has allowed me to raise new question and to address a direction of experimentation.

Can photography, practiced in a more experimented way can really allow me to expand my vision? To see deeper and more intensely?

From Belgians to Brexit


This project is a great opportunity to celebrate Folkestone as a WELCOMING town in which diversity is honoured and Brexit is clearly opposed.

To celebrate one of Folkestone’s favourite paintings, gifted to the town in 1916, Folkestone Fringe
and artist Manuel Vason invite you to be part of a photographic recreation at Folkestone Harbour Arm.
We want to bring together a rich and varied mix of people in Folkestone today, so why not come along with your family and friends and celebrate Folkestone, this beautiful painting and the people who live here now.

‘The Landing of the Belgian Refugees’ is on display in the town museum and commemorates the months in 1914 when more than 100,000 Belgians arrived in Folkestone fleeing WW1. They were welcomed with such kindness that King Albert of Belgium said ‘Folkestone had earned the admiration not only of the Belgians, but also of the whole world: yes, the whole civilised world knew how the town of Folkestone had received them with such cordiality which would never be forgotten’.

The Belgian refugees crossed the Channel in any boat they could find. On just one day in October 1914, some16,000 people of all ages arrived at Folkestone Harbour. The painting is by an Italian artist, Fredo Franzoni, who himself came to our town as a refugee in one of the boats from Belgium.

In these times of change, with Europe always visible from our doorstep, join us to re-imagine this 100-year-oldpainting for future generations.

Event Details

When: 27 October 2019
Time: Arrive by 1.00pm, photograph to be taken at 1.30pm
Where: Folkestone Harbour Arm Entrance (old ferry landing point)
What to wear: It’s up to you. In the painting people are wearing a mixture of ceremonial robes and work uniforms and normal clothes, or they’re dressed for a long, cold Channel crossing or smartly to welcome visitors. Come as you’d like.

If you would like to find out more please visit

Fierce Festival 2019

I’m so looking forward to this year edition of Fierce Festival and its so so promising program. I’m thrilled to have been asked again to document the festival and work alongside so many incredible artists and friends.

Fierce 2017

In Between Time – SUMMIT

I’m very honoured to be asked to be the photographer in residence of this year IBT – SUMMIT project (8th – 13th of October 2019). I will be collaborating with 14 artists selected to participate at Creative Exchange Lab as part of the Live Art Uk Diverse Actions program. We will show the result of our work on Sunday the 13th of October in an amazing location Ashton Court Estate.

The International Performing Art Giswil

I’m really looking forward to take part at the upcoming International Performing Art Festival in Giswil (Switzerland). On this year edition of Festival there is a real emphasis on documentation and the discussion around it and I’m happy to be invited alongside another DARC member Ernst Fischer to input with our experience.

Past, Present, Future. What is Time-Base media?

On the 22nd of March, I will be taking part to the ‘Past, Present, Future. What is Time-Base media’ symposium as part of the StrangeLove Festival 2019. I will take this opportunity to share some new views on Time-Base documentation looking through the eye/lens of the PhotoPerformer.

Folkestone Darkroom Collective: Salt Photo Printing

Folkestone Darkroom Collective: Salt Photo Printing.
Railway arches, Harbour Square (opposite the fountain), 12–4pm, drop-in, FREE

Looking forward to share some skills with a group of Local artists all interested on alternative processes.

Faye Golley, Emily Rose Parris, Luke Jones, Manuel Vason, Philippa Wall and Tsvetelina Ivanova celebrate photography and performance by creating unique prints using one of the oldest traditional techniques – salt printing. The process uses salted water, silver nitrate, paper, a negative film and sunlight to produce images – shipping the viewer back to Victorian times. Join the artists in their makeshift

darkroom to create and develop a portrait on Saturday, then come along on Sunday to see the finished results. Suitable for all ages.


The PhotoPerformer at Body and Freedom Festival

After a long break from action due to the arrival of Tian and the other baby (Phd thesis), the PhotoPerformer returns ‘live’ as part of the Body and Freedom Festival in Zurich.

Along side an exciting selection of artists and friends, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to experiment a durational photographic activity.


23 – 25 of August – Zurich

Here a link to the program:

Here a link to the festival site:

A Photographic Exchange: Workshop with Manuel Vason

Dear friends,

since I moved to Folkestone I was wishing to do a project with the landscape and here the opportunity arrived. A fabulous organisation called The Ash Project are inviting artists to respond creatively to the devastating disease that is killing the most common tree in Kent Down area.

During a two days workshop we will photographically explore a local forest, we will gain and share information about the ash trees and we will engage in a series of actions using our bodies that we will document and share as a small campaign to build awareness.

If you believe that imagination, connection and care can make a difference, than join us!


The workshop is free.

Booking is essential so follow the link to book your space.

Over two days we will practice photography as a methodology to communicate and connect with the ash trees of a small forest near Folkestone.

Instead of using photography as an observatory tool that replicates reality from distance, we will explore the medium as a stage on which to enact a correspondence between photographers and plants. Using intuition and imagination we will search for individual ways to interact with the trees and we will investigate creative ways to document those actions with photography. The workshop is open to anybody willing to explore the ash trees as companion for a new photographic and performative adventure.

Over the two days you will engage with an experimental photographic practice that considers the photographic relationship as a transfer of energy between subjects, to explore ways to move the photographic discourse away from a site of capture. The trees are viewed as a breathing, living participant in the act of creation

DARC ‘Transformance Project’ at Tempting Failure Festival 2018


After 2 years from its first conception I will have the pleasure to present the Transformance project through a ‘live’ installation during the Tempting Failure Festival alongside DARC members: Tara Fatehi Irani, Ernst Fischer, Holly Revell, and Jemima Yong.

Matthews Yard Gallery

1 Matthews Yard, Croydon, England, CR0 1FF  (map)


If you want to know more about DARC have a read at LIVE ART UK Feature

Here a small promotional  trailer of the project:

Transformance by DARC (Documentation Action Research Collective) from Tara Fatehi Irani on Vimeo.


A radical new methodology examining how live performance can be experienced, transformed and translated, Transformance is an exciting ongoing project from this extraordinary collective. A meeting of the words ‘transformation’ and ‘performance’, artists Tara Fatehi Irani, Ernst Fischer, Holly Revell, Manuel Vason, and Jemima Yong have been exploring this practice-led research for over a year, seeking to actively blur the lines between performance and documentation, finding exchange between forms in a new hybrid live practice.

As part of this ongoing research, DARC have recently been working with select Tempting Failure artists – Moa Johansson, Hollie Miller and Peter Eason Daniels – exploring the ways in which these innovative approaches can be applied. Asking questions around what is seen, what disappears and what might become fixed from a live performance – the collaboration between these two groups will culminate in the collective’s first public showing for the project as part of TF18.

Moa Johansson, one of the artists selected for TF18’s Mentoring programme, entered into this working process with DARC earlier this month. She described the process as one of exploring what might occur beyond photography purely being seen as an act of documentation. What if it began to function and fuse as part of the creative process of making a performance?

“We began with an initial piece of work and were encouraged to explore ideas around exchange – exchanges between artist and photographer, with a focus on the interaction and communication. A kind of responsive exchange to documentation”

Using the works being developed for TF18 as a starting point, Moa and the other select artists will continue to work in daylong exchanges – with recordings of dialogues, performance, and actions aiming to capture different viewpoints and perspectives on the creative acts.

Peter Eason Daniels, another of TF18’s mentee artists, said “It is hard to believe that spaces like the DARC studio still exist in London, equally rare was the collective itself. From the moment I arrived, they were kind, accommodating, interesting and challenging. I am extremely excited to see what will happen to the performance and how it will be presented and transformed. It was a pleasure…and worth carrying a leaf blower through airport security.”

Both a live performance event and static exhibition, the work from this phase of Transformance will be presented at Matthews Yard, 1-4pm 17th July with the free static exhibition on display until the 21st. Day tickets are available now here. For the full programme please visit

A trailer for Transformance, and this phase of work between DARC and TF18 artists, can also be found here.

Header image by Holly Revell.